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Feb 11, 2014

Tentative Agreement

District 3 AT&T Mobility Final Bargaining Report 

As with all the other Mobility contracts, the one we just completed with AT&T involved difficult bargaining.  In light of the company’s position on economic issues and refusal to make many changes in language we proposed, the bargaining team believes we achieved the best contract possible. This is a tentative agreement until ratified by majority vote of members. Your Bargaining Committee unanimously recommends ratification of this agreement. 

Meanwhile, here are some of the highlights on the key issues of the new tentative agreement. 


  • $1,050.00 bonus upon ratification

  • Wages:   
    • Wage increase effective 2/8/2014 of 2.00% Retroactive to 2/8/14
    • 2.50%  Eff: 2/8/2015
    • 2.25%  Eff: 2/7/2016
    • 3.0%    Eff: 2/5/2017
  • Reduced Wage Table from 15 Steps to 13

Pensions:   Current employees remain on same plans.

New hires after February 7 2014 will only have AT&T Savings Plan with company matching 100% of employee contribution up to 6% of their eligible compensation 

Upgrades:  Upgrade 568 employees from CSR1 to CSS 

Article 12: Hours of Work

Sec 1. Changed scheduling language to 40 hours over five (5) days

Sec 2.  Increased scheduling change notification to forty-eight (48) hours.

Sec 5.  New language for Call Centers and the Memphis Distribution Center requiring Tour Bids at least every six (6) months

Article 14: Force Adjustment

Sec 4.  Increased Severance pay maximum from $16,000 to $17,000

New: Agreed to a joint committee to develop a surplus informational aid to be used in meetings with any surplus employees.

In addition there was a commitment for the company to meet with the Union to discuss possible options in the event of a surplus involving large numbers such as the recent SSR surplus  

Article 15: Non-Discrimination

Expanded who is covered

Article 16: Safety

Added new language covering State of Emergencies

Article 19: Basis of Compensation

Sec 1.  Added language from Orange contract regarding voluntary change of title.   

Sec 4.  Increase On-Call pay from $34.00 per day to $36.00

Sec 5.  Added minimum call out pay for Network employees of one (1) hour.

Sec 8.  Changed Management relief differential to be paid for each hour assigned or fraction thereof.

            Also added language stating Observation will not be used for discipline when performed by an assigned management relief.

Sec 10.       Increased differential for full time and part time employees in the Call Center who are assigned to speak in a foreign language.

Article 21: Absences

Sec 4.  Improved language regarding appearing before a judge or legal tribunal.

Sec 5.  Added former legal guardian to funeral language.

Sec 6.  Added language on a ten (10) day cap, the same as agreed to in Orange contract.

Article 22: Vacations

Added language for the company to make the maximum number of vacation weeks available during desirable vacation periods.

Also agreed to same language as in other Mobility contracts and landline contracts regarding accrued vacation. 

Other improvements: 

Added LOA to create a Joint committee in Memphis Distribution to address issues regarding required work clothes or weather related issues 

Added LOA on Minimum at Risk commission of $12,750.00

Added LOA with expedited arbitration language to contract 

Added LOA to add D3 to the Orange contract Compensation committee 

Added LOAs on providing Technicians prescription safety glasses as well as safety boots 

Added LOA with Orange Contract Quota relief language reducing hours from 40 to 8 and including EWD days. 

Added revised LOA on Call Quality Observation 

Added LOA on Job satisfaction committee for both Retail and Call Centers 

Added letter regarding Union paid time not counting against attendance incentives 

Agreed to letter adding Job Upgrade committee 

Added letter to regarding Union representatives who are Part-time employees  

Renewed all existing Letters of agreement in current contract          

          In Unity, 

                   Your Mobility Bargaining Team 




Feb 04, 2014

Your Bargaining committee met with AT&T Company representatives this morning to continue bargaining discussions.

The Union passed a revised proposal on article 21 regarding subpoenas, a new proposal on adding the Alliance funding to the contract.

The company had many questions on these and previous proposals. They rejected our proposal on CWA Logos on stores and company uniforms. The company rejected a proposal to add IRS amounts to travel expenses and our proposal on a National Training advisory board. The company reiterated they were not interested in adding any National committees or paying for any such time or travel expense. The company then passed a revised pension proposal eliminating any pension plan or program for new hires.

We recessed to evaluate company responses and proposals.


We reconvened late this afternoon to continue discussions.

The Union rejected company proposals on vacation and illness absence time.

We then passed a new proposal on tour bids.

The Union again requested the company agree to bargain the commission plan or at least parts of it. We also requested to eliminate the management rights clause as well as the waiver of bargaining. The company restated their position that they would consider any proposal on those issues but had no interest in bargaining any part of the plan. Nor would they be interested in changing or eliminating any language in Article 6 or 26.

The company rejected our proposal on exchange time as well as adding the Alliance language to the contract. They passed a counter proposal to the funeral language as well as a counter to all of our Article 19 proposals.

The company Tentatively Agreed (T/A) to our proposal on expedited arbitration.

We recessed for the day to continue developing proposals as well as preparing responses to the company proposals.

We are scheduled to meet again tomorrow morning.

In Unity,

CWA Mobility Bargaining team





Feb 03, 2014

CWA Members in District 3 and around the country are supporting their CWA ATT Mobility Bargaining Team currently in negotiations. The following photos are from Locals 3122 Miami, FL; 3406 Lafayette, LA; 3902 Birmingham, AL, 4900 Merriville, IN, 6507 Little Rock, AR; 7803 Renton, WA, 9415 Hawaii,and 9423 Santa Clara, CA. View Photo's Here --  http://district3.cwa-union.org/photos/entry/cwa_att_mobility_bargaining_members_mobiliziing_activities

View photos from Opening Day in Atlanta -- http://district3.cwa-union.org/photos/entry/january_27_2014_-_cwa_att_mobility_-_rally_on_opening_day_of_bargaining

We want to thank our brothers and sisters around the country for their support.

In Unity there is Strength


Feb 01, 2014

Your Bargaining committee met with AT&T Company representatives today to continue bargaining discussions.

CWA rejected the company’s retrogressive proposal on pensions.

We then passed revised proposals on Article 19 (Basis of Compensation) and two new proposals, one on a National Training Advisory committee, and one to renew the Neutrality agreement.

The company had many questions on these and previous proposals and expressed concern for the cost of our proposals. After much discussion they said they would look at the proposals and get back to us.

The company rejected our proposal on tours at the Memphis Distribution Center (MDC) and changes in the civic duty absence language.

The company also withdrew their previous proposal on Holidays.

We recessed for the day to continue developing proposals as well as preparing responses to the company proposals.

We are scheduled to meet again Monday morning.

In Unity,

CWA Mobility Bargaining team






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