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Mark Leary
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Employment Security Partnership
CWA and AT&T Southeast
Article 24 & Article 10 of the UFO Addendum

What is Partnership? Partnership, short for Employment Security Partnership, is a joint effort between CWA and AT&T Southeast to assist AT&T Southeast Employees covered under the Core collective bargaining agreement with career development, preparation and transitional services. Partnership is covered under Article 24 of the AT&T Southeast/CWA core contract and Article 10 of the UFO Addendum
Who is eligible? All regular and regular part-time employees with at least six(6) months seniority who are covered under the Core Southeast Bargaining Agreement Article 24 and UFO Addendum Article 10 are eligible to participate in the Partnership Program.
What does Partnership offer? The Partnership program consists of several components:
  • Career Counseling and Assessment
    The Partnership Office offers all Southeast Core employees one career counseling session on company time per contract period. An additional session may be scheduled for any Core employee who has been declared surplus. The counseling session is tailored to each individual. The counselor will assist you in finding career opportunities, job interests, and career goals. You may also bring your resume to the session for advice. Follow up sessions on the employees own time is also available at no charge. To schedule a session, call HR ONEStop 1-888-722-1787 and say "Partnership"
  • Internal Job/Career Development Plan
    Once you have identified your job skills and interests, Partnership will assist your career development by making a plan, or if you are surplus, to train for another position if available.
  • Educational Assistance
    When your future career plans call for more schooling, Partnership offers classes to covered employees and tuition aid for classes offered in institutions of higher learning. Click here for instructions when applying for AT&T Tuition Aid.
What classes are offered? The Partnership Office is currently is currently in the process of putting together class structures for the first quarter of 2021. The courses offered in the past are no longer viable since the COVD-19 virus requires us to have classes virtually.
How do I signup? For the Partnership Courses stated above, please call your Local Partnership Representative. For Local 3207, call Mark Leary, 706-829-3749 or email partnership@cwa3207.org. The Partnership approved courses stated above are taken on your own time but at no cost to you. For other learning institutions using Tuition Aid, call HR Onestop at 1-888-722-2787 and say "Tuition Aid".
Classes coming up: No classes currently scheduled
Please contact us to schedule a class.
Other Resources: CWA/NETT Click here for information about enhancing your testing skills. For example, you can read about the TKTII test here
Click here for a list of practice exams
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